My Story

The birth of sunshyne scents...

SunSHYne scents is a black owned, 1 woman owned, small business operating out of Nashville, TN that first launched in 2020. SunSHYne scents is a combination of my nickname (Shy) and the nickname my husband gave me (Sunshine) so my business name was a given for me. I've always been a sensitive, creative type of person. My dad often told me stories of when I was a kid and he would pick me up from kindergarten and all of the other kids would be playing but I would be off in a corner somewhere drawing or building something or doing something else creative.
I've always loved making handmade soap. Aside from it being a necessity, it's fun! I love blending together different colors, fragrances and techniques and seeing the priceless expressions on other people's face once they see my finished product. Your skin needs and deserves only the best ingredients, oils, and butters and that's where I come in. I have formulated each one of my recipes using only the most natural ingredients and my special sauce.. Jamaican black castor oil!

Why Jamaican black castor oil?

A couple of years ago, when trying to figure out how best to get rid of the blotches on my face without using any harsh chemicals, the same word kept popping up, Jamaican black castor oil. Nothing I bought from the store was working and I was tired of having my skin dried out by products with so many ingredients that were not beneficial to my skin type. It's no secret that big skin care companies don't actually care about your skin and would rather pack their products full of parabens, phthalates and other questionable ingredients than do the research to see which ingredients work best. After using Jamaican black castor oil for the blotches on my face, I started to notice a change after about two weeks. This is when I started to use it on EVERYTHING! I used it on my hair and my son's hair to promote hair growth (and boy did it grow) and my husband used it for his eczema and now you can't step foot in our house without seeing Jamaican black castor oil in almost every room and I'm pretty sure people get tired of me talking about this heavenly oil. This is the reason I put it in almost every soap bar, body scrub, and bath bomb that I create. It creates the most luscious lather and truly heals dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, you name it. I want to give you the same glorious experience with Jamaican black castor oil that I got out of it. Once you start using my products, your skin will thank you!